Free the Friday

Free the Friday

We started Free the Friday because the most precious thing we have is time. 
Time to belong to a place we find ourselves in. To learn its plants and rivers. To appreciate the subtle beauty of what is right at hand. Time to read. Time to take one’s thoughts off immediate anxieties and tasks. Time to carve out from work that more often than not merely pays the bills. Time to see that the most important thing we have is not a thing at all. 

Each Friday, we invite a person working an hourly job in the service industry to come and hike in Balcones Canyonland Wildlife Refuge, meditate, and feel the communion with wilderness. 

We will compensate an 8-hour workday at a rate of $20 per hour plus gas. You should be done by 12 pm, and the rest of the day is yours to play with. 

The pursuit of knowledge is only meaningful as long as it remains playful. After all, it's turtles all the way down. 

Why Do We Do This

We cannot keep up with everything we would like to read and see made by others. With all the workshops, talks, and exhibitions we would like to attend. We cannot keep up with taking care of our health and the health of the environment we live in. Our work does not provide us with enough spare time to do it. In the past, we concentrated on using all of this spare time on making beautiful things and learning about the world. 

We still love making beautiful things, but as a scientist and an artist, we think now is the time to make time. 

Workers in San Francisco achieved a 40-hour workday in 1889. In Europe, the same happened even earlier. The world’s population at the time was a fraction. 

We believe that 40-hour work week is no longer adequate for the challenges humanity faces in 2020. We believe we need to slow down and focus on the pleasure of recognizing everything that is other than us in nature. Only when we feel kinship with the wilderness, we can make steps to protect - for ourselves and for the future.  

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