Ania Mininkova

About Me

I’m a Ukrainian visual artist, currently living and working in South Florida.

I’m interested in the relationship between myth and reality; the ambivalence, paradox, and border zones that arise when the pre-experimental parts of our mind clash with rational knowledge. My fascination is informed by growing up in the era of decommunization, historical negationism, and hybrid wars in post-communist Europe and Caucasia. 

My recent photobook project – A Guide to Unknown Animals of America – is an exploration of belief in mythical animals and their connection to a broader notion of unexplored, hidden and the monstrous in modern American society. 

Drawing inspiration from the work (and mistakes) of great XIX century naturalists and explorers, I intend to create in the viewer a shift in perspective - something that all true exploration provides.


2018 - Displaced at Contact Sheet Gallery, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

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