Ania Mininkova


About Me

My work explores contemporary mythologies and the ideas people conjure to make sense of the world. 

I repurpose darkroom and scientific laboratory tools meant to create exact copies and precise meanings and let them become objects that are, in contrast, open-ended, fluid, and engage with possibility rather than certainty. I am interested in freeing familiar objects from their assigned purpose and past understanding: a stack of developing trays becomes a fountain, negative holders turn into mirrors, and microscopes are used to open up seashells.

As a non-native speaker, I came to treat English not only as a communication tool, but to use my voice and writing to engage with its sound, rhythm, and meanings as sculptural elements. I work with film, voice-over, and sculpture in my installations to build permeable spaces that allow different timelines, experiences of language, and landscapes to collide and create new possibilities. 

I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.


2018 - Displaced at Contact Sheet Gallery, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia.

2019 - A Good Strong Handshake at Fieldworks, Austin, TX.

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