About Me

In my film and sculpture work, I let familiar objects, images, and language become free from their assigned purpose and past understanding. 

I make structures that flow and move, precariously held together – the same way our models of the world are. Developing trays as fountains. Negative holders as mirrors. Microscopes as hammers. 

I repurpose the tools of language, photography, and science meant to create exact copies and precise meanings, and let them become objects that are open-ended, fluid, and uncertain. 

At the core of my practice is the tension between the unknowable and the human need for fixed structures and definitions. I think about our relationship with the natural world as the embodiment of this tension. 

In my studio, I play a stranger and treat photographic and scientific apparatus as a field of adventure and experiment, not an instrument for disentangling problematic situations, but a problematic situation itself. 

The pursuit of knowledge is only meaningful as long as it remains playful. After all, it's turtles all the way down. 


I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.


2018 - Displaced at Contact Sheet Gallery, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia.

2019 - A Good Strong Handshake at Fieldworks, Austin, TX.

2020 - Mushrooms in the Dark at Situationist RCA, London, UK.


2020 - Walkative San Francisco, The Walkative Society (RCA)

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